Imagine one could read your brains?
Science fiction or science fact? Dr. Michael Persinger from Canada explains how we are inter-connected and why others can 'read' your brain-waves and... most importantly: when not ! It has all to do with the Earth, its magnetic field, low frequency resonances (f.ex. 'Schumann' resonance) and our imaginative power.
Now connect the dots between Persinger, Lipton, Campbell and Sheldrake and you'll see a new world view emerge! It is up to us ourselves how this world will come to look like. Something to carefully think about...
Wishing you a properous 2014, good health and a positive mindset!
There are lots of surprises coming... !

Criss Angel (real name: Christopher Sarantakos) probably is one of the most spectacular 'magicians' of the world. When I referred to 'our virtual reality' in earlier posts, a subject that intrigues me indeed, I realized it is difficult to imagine. Well, here is Criss giving a splendid demonstration of how we could imagine a 'virtual reality'. Enjoy it !
Dr. Bruce Lipton, see below another article about him, is showing us an impressive future perspective..., by ourselves for ourselves. The materialistic worldview and its sciences opposing childish and unrealistic ideologies and belief-systems, obsessed with quarreling over their respective 'gods' and 'advantages', will become and are already replaced by something different. Something of a more complete and sophisticated, mature nature. We are and perhaps already partly were on the wrong track to the truth that Dr. Lipton indeed feels to be the only true reality. A unity of thought about the one Field that drives and determines this Cosmos. Reality is what we think it is. Reality is NOT what others want us to believe for their agenda's of greed, bigotry, by stupid ignorance or exercise of power. The world is changing. Are you?
When I was so much younger, I owned a nice 2-meter airwave scanner and an old Yaesu radio receiver to listen to the world of the radio-amateurs. Due to local circumstances it was impossible to attach a huge antenna to my house and get a license to go serious with this highly interesting, technical hobby. However I had an official "listening station" to do some rudimentary ionospheric research. Airwave propagation depends on sky conditions and the Sun.

These days, and merely by accident, I stumbled across Kelly Lindman. He is the inventor of HAMsphere, a dedicated computer program and social network of the very special kind: a simulated HAM-radio network.
It even uses a special ionospheric propagation model, databases and so-called 'QSL-card' exchange between members, which makes this peculiar VoIP network the nearest simulation of the real HAM-world, however not requiring complicated exams and licensing. The software can be run on virtually any computer OS that allows for Java. So it doesn't matter when you are on Linux, Windows, Mac or even Android or iOS.  For Linux the only thing to remember is to have Java (JRE) on board and apply "Settings" -> "Mixer Command": alsactl  to be set to get audio running. When in doubt use the Terminal -> aplay -l  to list your audio devices and see if Mic and Output are channel 0 or 1 respectively. For Windows the mixer cmd is (XP): sndvol32, or (for Win7): sndvol, which comes preset. To run a Java program on Linux you must allow its execution by right-clicking the program icon for 'Properties', to set Permissions to: Allow Execution as Program. Next: double-click the program icon and off you go! To test your microphone find the F-ENT key in the top right numeric/channel panel, press it and punch in: 1.823.45 kHz. Then press the PTT key and speak 2-4 seconds. Release the PTT button and listen to a recording of your voice. My mic-level is 4 for a well-modulated signal. My "HAMsphere" transceiver has an output (Power knob) set to 6, which means 100 Watt. Read the manual before you start and the Code of Conduct to know the do's and don'ts of HAM radio communications!

The program offers a variety of servers with a different selection of stations depending the "atmospheric conditions" and locations.
It also offers a Tweet-like chatbox. During 2014 Kelly intends to offer a new version with SSTV on it. It could be a replacement of "Skype" for the more technical minded and those requiring more relative 'privacy'. More can be read here and there. For 30 euro per year you can join this fascinating network, which is at the least tenfold less than the price of the cheapest, real HAM radio. To see if you like it, you may test the program and network 6 days for free. It is a very clever HAM radio simulator indeed, although -of course- heavily criticised by real amateur-radio professionals. That doesn't matter, then this network offers a new way to connect people, to make friends and exchange messages and QSL-contact cards that you can design for your station. And you learn more about the HAM-radio world. If an emergency strikes you'll know how to handle a radio-rig should one wash ashore...

Who are we? Where did we come from and where are we going to?
I always wanted to write about that. Too ambitious? Most certainly when you, just like me, are educated the 'old fashioned way'. The way of a world of make-belief - you have two flavours: a 'mechanistic world view' (life is just a machine) or a 'religious world view' (God or other invisible ghosts determine life). Depending your cultural setting and your education (or v.v.) your choice is influenced, and perhaps even a mixture of each viewpoint with individual accents. 
Dr. Bruce Lipton
, an international renowned biologist and expert on cells and genes, has turned both concepts upside down on the basis of his research. He formulated a new view on biology and by consequence came to a totally new insight on 'what we really are', to arrive at a new future-perspective for mankind.  A future that, to his opinion, has already arrived! The lecture he gives in the following movie details how we got to our 'old' but seriously flawed convictions and sciences and where we really are now: what we currently know and which changes are awaiting us the next few years...

Fascinating story, indeed.  I wonder why it is that 'scientists' are discovering things these days that were described in scientific literature up to two centuries ago, but got 'forgotten' for some reason.
Are we reinventing the wheel? On my bookshelf are two books by William R. Corliss: "Sourcebook of unusual natural phenomena". They contain compilations of literature available in archives from for instance the "American Journal of Science", "Nature" and "The British Association". Publications between about 1800 until 1980 regarding observed and reported 'unusual' earth-science phenomena... Like electrical discharges from mountain peaks, ball lightnings, earthquake related phenomena, to weather anomalies and strange sounds in nature.
It certainly is true that most of our convictions about nature are based on assumptions and gossips, rather than 'hard' sciences. While we understand little if anything of natural processes, this poses a real danger, as f.ex. the 'climate hoax' reveals. Instead of learning from 'old' documents and data we currently do reinvent a wheel, wasting lots of tax payer's money at the same time and without solid explanations! We aren't building a house of knowledge, but rather criss-crossing walls as to obstruct others from viewing the deficiencies in research and thinking.
It is also true that education is lagging behind and infecting children with convictions that are at best "flawed", like the  Big Bang or about our consciousness. Replacing our lack of knowledge by 'educated' assumptions and religious thinking. The 'green' movement with its numerous false claims is the best example of this infection.
The 'electric' universe opens our mind for a completely, vastly different scenario, no matter how incomplete the theory behind it is. What matters: this theory isn't even seriously contemplated by established, conservative sciences. It is laughed away, it appears. But isn't it true, that one laughs about what one doesn't understand...? I think so.

When z=z²+c says something to you, that is what you were watching..., nah... about !
Discovered in 2009 the Mandelbulb is a 3-D version of the (possibly) wellknown "Mandelbrot" set. In fact it is a mathematical expression of complex numbers exhibiting a complicated structure at all scales. Yes, you may call them 'fractals', or (quasi) self-similar shapes. Some say that Nature uses fractals to design everything that is in it.  From the quantum scale up to whole coastlines...
Since 2009 it is possible to plot 3-dimensional fractals with assistance of a fast PC and move through them. The movies show this.
The movie at the top is done with Boxplorer in real-time with impressive results. You recognize the Mandebrot figure though. The second with a new version of Mandelbulb for Linux, Mac and Win PC's.
You can download the programs and try for yourself. The possibilities are endless. The programs are free to use!

Hunting the news?


When I still visited highschool I enjoyed writing a "pop column" in a local newspaper. Stories about local musicians, new records, the art scene in my hometown and so on. It evolved into writing about local politics, where I got my first encounters with the 'politics' behind news-gathering. A lot had to be covered-up, then already, and be kept out of sight of unsuspecting readers. It wasn't up to me but my editor-in-chief to decide if, when and how we would present controversial, political issues. My interest had cases with social rammifications. Insider deals and corruption, damaging the interests of citizens. There still were few then. Has anything changed since then?

Times have changed indeed. The Internet has changed the world of journalism and the rules that apply to it. Today readers could verify news reports with a click of their mouse. Semblance and reality are just a webpage apart, should they take interest finding it. What appears plausible at first may in reality expose itself as propaganda, fiction or as a fantasy. Science in politics is a suspect topic, always requiring examination, like the UN climate hoax and associated issues  demonstrate.
Corporatism and its influence on media has made things worse. News no longer needs to be factual news, or news at all. What we read, hear and see may be and often is colored, subjective, partially true. That apart from the news-selection. We may not read everything. Who decides what we may read and why? Should we read 'everything'..?
News  also has become part of a state religion in which texts are formulated in a way that is 'politically correct', not  a priori factually correct. Where state and corporative interests meet, messages may get severely distorted, as well as a arguments and decisions. The 'war on terror' is an example. Nobody asks what goal it serves and who profits, or what it obscures. Whose bread one eats, whose words one speaks, it appears. Who eats from whom? It is like spreading the gospel - however a gospel that less and less people seek to accept!
It's no longer 'easy' to mislead all people by putting out dogmatic slogans,  or pretending a consensus.
What is the relation between editorial news selection and freedom of expression or freedom of the press? If we are -in a way- prevented from reading anything, how then could we know if the news we read on a subject  is 'all there is' to it? Or alternatively raise the question of censorship on relevant, but withheld or not mentionned facts in certain instances.
There is a difference between unknown unknowns and known unknowns, like the former  US minister of defense Donald Rumsfeld in 2002 so eloquently claimed. The numerous 'conspiracy theories' floating around the Internet prove that obfuscating the truth still is for some an established policy. It always was, in particular for those who benefit from it. It is a method to invoke confusion and disinterest.
To claim that 'conspiracy stories' are bad reporting is another thing!
The Reddit blacklisting (see video) of websites is in that respect cynical and can't be justified other than by arrogance and bigotry, in a silly attempt to be political correct. It is censorship, as is the idea behind 'political correctness'. Reddit lost some of their clientele doing this.
Now the western society is so obviously collapsing, those who benefit most from obfuscating facts have started fighting  journalists, bloggers and the Internet. Their attempts miss any substance. The Internet has changed news gathering. The educated crowd has become a threat for yesterday's elite...

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